The Delicacy of The Female Reproductive System

Ladies how well do you know how your body operates?

Do you know when your period is due? 28 day cycle, 32 day, 40 day no cycle?

Does it come roughly at the same time every month NATURALLY?

Do you know when you are ovulating?

Have you figured out why you get lower back pain or breakouts before your period?

The list of questions can go on and on as it does during my consults with my ladies. Every time I see a female in my practice 8 of 10 have no clue as to how and why their body does what it does, their answer if almost always, It has been like that since I was young.

Something I always make of point of to all my clients irrespective of the condition they want treated is, never confuse commonalty with normality. Pain and discomfort in any form should never become normal; it should never be put up with. Our discomforts are a symptom and our symptoms are a message or a cry for help from the inside. As the saying goes “don’t shoot the messenger”, or as I tell my clients don’t sedate, with anti depressants, or ignore, with painkillers, the messenger. Sooner or later these symptoms we ignore, suppress or get use to will cause DIS- EASE.

Lets begin with some small steps; firstly begin by tracking your periods. Nowadays every one has a smart phone so it makes it a lot easier and takes out any excuses of time since we are always glued to our phones.  Once you have tracked your period and have a starting point start jotting down notes in your phone such as: Pain and where, flow, breakouts, changes in bowels. There are a lot more things to jot down but the list would go on.

Why bother with all this you ask? Because our bodies deserve to be listened to! If you had a Ferrari would you not service it, clean it, take care of it? So why would you not do the same with your body? You only get one, take care of it

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