Phil graduated from the Southern School of Natural Therapies with a Bachelor degree in Health Science – Clinical Myotherapy (2015) which has provided him with sound understanding of musculoskeletal healthcare. Phil is passionate about sports and occupational injuries and is continuously expanding his knowledge in pain management to improve patient outcomes.

Whilst completing his degree, Phil has gathered a vast experience working alongside high profile sports physiotherapists, Clinical Myotherapists and podiatrists within the clinic setting and in the management of semi-professional soccer players in the Victorian National Premier League since 2011. Phil has also worked with young athletes at the National Futsal Championships in 2017.

Phil’s interest in musculoskeletal pain management peaked after experiencing many of his own costly acute and long term injuries as a young athlete. From these experiences, he developed a genuine, strong passion in helping people living with pain rise above and beyond.

Standard methods of assessment include postural evaluation, orthopedic, neurological and functional testing, accompanied by a thorough palpatory exploration of spinal and peripheral joint play and the contractile state of specific muscles and myofascial trigger points.

Phil uses an integrated approach of assessment incorporating physical and psychosocial factors to provide a specific form of clinical reasoning based on the interpretation of these findings and their relationship to musculoskeletal pain.

The range of modalities used include; Orthopedic clinical assessment, Deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, cupping, functional cupping, dry needling, electro-needing, TENS therapy, thermotherapy, joint mobilization techniques, postural and sports taping, exercise prescription and lifestyle management tips for injury prevention.

Phil emphasizes the importance of patient education works with great enthusiasm to genuinely assist people as he is a strong believer in shining light and confidence on your path to recovery.

Phil is a member of the Myotherapy Association Australia.