Red Coral needles have enabled my colleagues and I at the Muscle & Bone Clinic to provide the highest quality health care possible. Knowing we are working with the best needles to provide significant muscle and neurological release allows the Myotherapists and Osteopaths at the clinic to achieve outstanding results. The needle design allows for greater precision leading to more effective use per needle and greater patient comfort.

At the Muscle & Bone Clinic, we see an array of clients from sufferers of chronic pain to acute sports injuries. Utilising the Red Coral needles and dry-needling allows us to get clients back to their desired sport quicker or improve the quality of living for patients dealing with chronic pain. One success story using Red Coral needles was a female patient struggles to walk as she entered the clinic, after using the Red Coral needles to release her low back the patient left the clinic pain-free, full range of motion and a smile on her face!


Dr Damien Ryan


B.Hlth.Sc, B.App.Sc (Comp Med), B.Hlth.Sc/B.App.Sc (Osteopathy)

Muscle And Bone Clinic

8 Chatham St Prahran